Top 200 AQ / Gold 1 Ally Needs A Couple

We are looking to replace a couple members as soon as the season rewards are in.

AQ we run 868x5, score 750m and place top 200 each week. The open spots are in the map 8 groups.

AW we are switching to a 2bg format, everyone will participate in enough wars to qualify for the season rewards. We are hoping we can push to plat 4 with this format.

You MUST BE ACTIVE, must have line, must be USA based time zone. 13.5k prestige preferred.

Reach out to me on line- Joestacks85
When you message me please send a screenshot of your profile along with your 6* roster (the top pages of it at least). Also let me know your time zone in the initial message.

Thank you in advance!


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    Joestacks85Joestacks85 Posts: 179
    I forgot about BG rewards, now that those are in we have 1 spot still available if anyone is interested.
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    Joestacks85Joestacks85 Posts: 179
    I now have a spot available in the map 6 group, open immediately. Contact me on line if interested, info is in the original post.
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    Do you guys push hard on bg? I’m not US timezone but never have any issues completing aq, aw and I’m always in US alliances.
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