Platinum alliance map 8/6 hybrid. 50K minimum BGs looking for 2

Contest of weirdos is looking for 2 new members to join our alliance.

Currently running map 8 for 3 weeks. No mods (place top 150) and one week of map 6 because what's the point of getting R4 mats if you cant keep the resources to rank up (looking at you kabam)

AW is platinum, any tier between 3 and most likely 4 is expected. Paths and diversity all planned out. Just show up and help your group get the kills and keep deaths to a minimum. We communicate and plan path minis as well as boss island so if you don't communicate, probably won't work out.

New this season is we are requiring all members to post a minimum of 50k in BGs and keep getting those resources but can't have a handful of guys carrying the entire alliance.

What we're looking for...
15K minimum prestige
Diverse rosters
Available and active. Not looking to tag guys to join and to move.
Communication. Planning paths and okay with an adult chat, We don't sugar coat anything.

If this sounds like the spot for you, let's talk.
LINE and IGN captdeadp00l


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    I didn't find you in Line contact me through Line ID: oussamanaji77
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    Captdeadp00lCaptdeadp00l Posts: 186
    Still looking for 2 and forgot to mention we are an 82 mil alliance at 28 people
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