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3.2 Thronebreaker masochism lane…

How? Stuck on dragon man… it’s been torture even getting this far…


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    WayWorn2525WayWorn2525 Posts: 890 ★★★
    if you have BWCV, hit into his block and bring him to the corner. He'll either throw an sp1 or a heavy, then dodge, then hit him afterwards. Once you reach 2 bars, throw a sp2, with the Bleed immunity. You'll gain your HP (which was lost when blocking DM's hit) back and you'll drain his power of bar to 0. Repeat again.
    You could do this for the whole lane. But for doom, I used AA with wags for synergy.
    I was also stuck in this lane with Doom
    It's pretty straight forward if you have BWCV. Hope you do have her.
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    CyborgNinja135CyborgNinja135 Posts: 1,117 ★★★★
    Torch with prefight for Doom, then use him against Dragon Man. Doesn't matter if he purifies the incinerates at first because eventually you'll have enough to reverse his healing. Anyone else on the path can be done by outdamaging the regen. I used Doom for those
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