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Good day fellow Summoners,
I am a looking for a new alliance to call home as my current one is not very active. I have a 67K Hero rating. I am mostly looking for a chill alliance when people are active and where members understand that life comes first (and I do not get kicked for not logging in for a day) and also who does and complete map 2 or 3 on a regular basis. I am a very active player and grind arena pretty regularly and participate in alliance quests. I have attached a screenshot of my 4* and 5* below. I plan to take Archangel and Thor to 4/40 in the next week or 2. And Bring Vision and Electra to the 4/40 squad later when resources are available or If I don't get a cool mystic champ like(Magik, Dormammu, or SW).

IGN: Starboy_100
I have discord. No line atm but if the alliance is what I am looking for I don't mind making an account to communicate better.

Thank You



  • We would be happy to have you, alliance is X-Calibre and tag is hwkzi
  • Hey man, I think we are what you're looking for. We run maps 3 on placement and 2 on attack. Weekly SA and tier 8 war. Use line to communicate and with no drama from anyone.
    We do expect you to be active about 3 or so times a day to help clear lanes but are very understanding when things do come up.
    I sent you a request in game so check us out. Marvel Mania, MM26
  • @starboy_100: you sound like you could be a pretty great fit and addition to our squad. I sent you an in-game invite to come check us out. please do and let me know what you think. ask me questions and let me know when you're ready to meet the guys.
    FYI, LINE app is mandatory.
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