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Unfazed mastery

Over time I see more and more players using it. So to those who have it, I'd like to ask, how much does it improve your offense gameplay and do you think it can get more defensive kills in AW? My question's not so much about what it does but rather how it impacts gameplay.


  • Gran_CojonuGran_Cojonu Posts: 14
    Right now, it is probably because it gives one of the highest pi boosts at lvl 1. Pi affects defender rating and defender rating, sadly, wins wars.
  • Gran_CojonuGran_Cojonu Posts: 14
    Moneygrab wrote: »
    Defender rating may effect lower tier wars but tier 1 nobody does diversity anymore. It’s just your toughest defence and whoever wants to win spends for it normally. I don’t think anyone in my alliance has unfazed at all.

    I’m tier 1 and there are plenty that still do diversity.

  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 5,345 ★★★★★
    Getting back to the original question, I actually play with it because I find being evaded incredibly irritating!

    Having it at rank 4, it procs fairly often, and stops the issue of your combo getting broken when it does. If you're in the habit of playing with one hand and half a brain, or using autofight, then it definitely helps.

    It gives you a bit of a chance to recover from the evade/instant attack bug by allowing you to hit back/get your block up whilst unstoppable.

    It's also a nice insurance against accidentally stunning Mordo; as it's equally effective against astral evade.

    All in all, you don't really need it if you're a really good player who actually pays attention and has very quick reflexes. But it's a nice boost in lots of ways if (like me) you enjoy the game, but don't devote as much time and attention to the game as some of the top tier players clearly do.
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