Thor synergies

Did anyone else notice that the 2* Thor Ranarok they gave us has no synergies?


  • will-o-wispwill-o-wisp Posts: 4,027
    Some 2-stars don't have any synergies
  • Speedbump wrote: »
    Did you also see that, in the synergy tab it says must be a higher rank to unlock it? L2R

    I did notice that. It doesn't make a lot of sense though because I maxed him out as soon as I got him.
  • FluffyFluffy Posts: 446
    eXtripa69 wrote: »
    Some 2-stars don't have any synergies

    I just looked...every 2* I have on my roster has at least 1 synergy...except Thor (Ragnorak)...who is maxed. This is odd. I don't really plan on using him ever, but he should have at least 1 synergy.
  • @Fluffy, same thing here. I wonder why
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