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Absorbing man tip to pause his forms without light intercepts

AmaadAkiraAmaadAkira Posts: 388 ★★★
I've found a neat little trick to pause absorbing man's forms without light intercepting. All you have to do is slow his combo and you'll be able to attack the opponent while they're throwing their own medium/light consistently, thus, pausing his forms.

It works best when the opponent is up against a wall and they're below a bar of power, however, it does still work in the middle but less consistently as the ai will sometimes dash back. You can also do it when the opponent is above a bar of power and if they throw their special, you will usually have enough time to recover, but this seems a little riskier. :)

For reference, here's a video of me doing this against WS, a far more passive opponent than most:



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    AmaadAkiraAmaadAkira Posts: 388 ★★★
    edited February 2023
    Disclaimer though, not sure how it would work on opponents that can parry. Perhaps if you get the timing down it might be fine, but otherwise, it could be risky.

    Edit: I have tried against opponents that can parry and it can still be made to work. It requires slowing down the combo an EXTREME amount so if the opponent does block, it will not be a well-timed block. This requires a LOT of practice and skill to master, however, and could cause slip ups and getting attacked. Thus, I would just refrain in this case. Better safe than sorry.
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    AmaadAkiraAmaadAkira Posts: 388 ★★★
    Edit 2: So, seen as I can't take no for answer, I've figured out another way to make this work against opponents that CAN parry. This method should work on ALL types of opponents (unless there are some with too quick basic attacks that I'm missing, but if there are, please let me know). This actually helps you get openings too in general, so it's useful regardless of whether you play absorbing man or not.

    For this, it requires the opponent to be holding block and works by far the best (and FAR MORE consistently) when the opponent is against the wall so they won't dash back. You attack the opponents block slowly and for a millisecond, they'll let go of block and try to hit you back, but will instead get hit by your light. This requires A LOT of practice but I've learned how to pull it off almost 100% of the time without ever getting hit.

    A tip to make this work is, instead of purposefully slowing down your next light attack, just do it a split second after your brain tells you to do it. It shouldn't be slow on purpose but rather slow by your usual standards when hitting a light. If you practice enough, you too can get this down and actually use it in all forms of content to get opponents without parries :)

    Here's a video of me doing it quite consistently against iHulk. It doesn't matter if the opponent throws a special as you should have enough time to block/dodge it, but if you want to be extra careful anyway, only do it when the opponent is below a bar of power.

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