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When is BG big compensation coming?

JefechutaJefechuta Posts: 865 ★★★★
Just wanted to ask about it, for the last year, compensation have been quite uncommon, even if it had a lot of bugs.

But BG is probably one of the most common problems right now, people are losing automatically, just because, which is making players lose both time and resources, which are quite valuable.

I dont usually care about compensations, but this time we should get a quite decent compensation, I've lost like maybe 10 matches because of the 0 points bug and the disconnection one in 5 days, thats 900 Elder Marks, and I dont even play that much, I cant imagine how many did the people that rush through BG lost between last season and this one.

I just hope Kabam does not just ignore the fact that a lot of people lost a lot of resources because this issue.


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