a hacker you should be aware of

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[REMOVED] their profile looks like it belongs to a hacker it has a 5 star and his rating is 9083 and im pretty no one that low has a 5 star. he also has a 1 out of 5 4 star and 2 3 stars. His stats look very suspicious to me and i think he has destroyed and hacked many many accounts. If i reported this wrong let me know i'm new to reporting a hacker. If he isn't let me know also but im pretty sure he is.
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    Maybe he sold some champs?
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    dont put names on here report in-game or send support a ticket they don't want people starting witch hunts
  • Please do not post names of users that you suspect of cheating in the game in the forums. If you would like to report a player that you have suspicions about, please send a ticket to our support team including any information that you can provide. They can investigate it further.
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