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I found a way to fix some of the input issues

JefechutaJefechuta Posts: 866 ★★★★
Yo guys, first of all, In my case, the game works better with the Beta ones disabled.

Now, I was just trying inputs on Arena and tried something nice:

We usually use our left hand to block, parry and dex, but I tried dexing with the right one while still blocking with the left one, and It worked, it was a very nice moment for me since I could switch my block into dex without issues.

I know for the old players like me is quite hard to get used to this since we almost auto dex, block and parry, but Im trying to get used to it and I had almost 0 problems.

And trust me, I usually have one input issue per fight, if not more, but this way the inputs register waaaay better, so try it and tell me how it goes!


  • JefechutaJefechuta Posts: 866 ★★★★
    Coppin said:

    Yeah sure.. let me change years of muscle memory cause they can't fix a bug...

    Sincerely, I enjoyed more today after noticing this than the whole last year of playing, being able to dex after block again felt amazing
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