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Who to rank up?

Trying this one more time before I make a decision because my last poll got pretty much no engagement-I'm preparing to push for Thronebreaker and do some variants, but I'm having trouble deciding what rank up will help my account the most. Putting the options I'm considering ranking up once I receive AQ rewards today in the poll. What would be best for me to do, based on where my account is now?

Who to rank up? 16 votes

r5 5* Hercules (sig 40)
Sarvanga1_N0madZak2025 3 votes
r3 6* Scorpion (sig 40)
ege999menAanthoMagonusWolf911Spider_RicoFurious80QazzyBarri8Superstar_1126MightyD 10 votes
r3 6* Hyperion (sig 40)
Renaxqq 1 vote
r3 6* Ultron (sig 20)
MasterA 1 vote
r3 6* Hood (unawakened)
Other (please explain)
DerpyEagle 1 vote


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    N0madN0mad Posts: 23
    r5 5* Hercules (sig 40)
    Dump all of your 5* sig stones into Herc & rank him up.
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    xakhllxakhll Posts: 24
    I appreciate everyone's input! I ended up taking Scorpion to R3, and sometime soon I'll take Hercules to R5 when I have the resources.
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