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Game freezing when using Knull in AQ

iPad Mini (5th Generation)
IOS version 15.5
Game version: 38.0
Knull - 6r3 Sig 26, no relic
No active boosts
I was using Knull, fighting the tech doombot before the final boss in the last section on map 5 and the game froze in the middle of the fight requiring a restart. I entered the same fight again (now with half health) and the same thing happened again. I had a another freeze with Knull in AQ earlier this week, but I didn’t note the details as I just assumed it was a one time glitch. After today, I checked the bug board and noticed that a similar issue with Knull was listed, but was labeled as green (fix live). In reading the forums description, it seems very similar to what I experienced.


  • Trillionaire6Trillionaire6 Posts: 42
    He crashes the game in war and incursions as well. I came here immediately after my war looking for a post about it.
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