AW 1 Wrong Multiplier

We finished Season 39 at Tier 2.
Then there was the offseason problem with the AW rating in the First war, so we dropped to level 3.
this was later corrected by kabam.
Our first Season AW was now back at Tier 3, although we ended the offseason at Tier 2 with an AW rating of 3030.
how can that be?

In addition, the season is displayed as 39 and not 40 in german ingame Language.


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    Ffm1899Ffm1899 Posts: 11

    First Offseason War drop to Tier 3, later corrected to Tier 2.

    First Season War started in Tier 3.
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    Good luck bro its going around
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    Ffm1899Ffm1899 Posts: 11

    We lost AW 2. Rating on 3025 still Tier 2.

    Look at War 1. Rating 3030, but Tier 3.
    That does not match.
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