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Yep, AI recovery times are oficially wrong

JefechutaJefechuta Posts: 865 ★★★★
edited February 18 in Bugs and Known Issues
Here we are again, this time, I was just doing some arena, and while fight the featured arena I noticed one of the silliest AI movements ever.

I was fighting featured Kang, and then he used SP2, and here is the magic.

WHILE I was waiting for the second hit of the SP2 to come near to dex it, he IMMEDIATELY did a medium dash into me.

I repeat, WHILE I was waiting still for the SECOND HIT OF THE SP2.

So basically he had negative recovery time, probably if I dexed it in the corner and tried to punish it, I would get parried immediately.

Kabam, just what the hell.

I know there was a time where compensations were just "dumb". Every thing that happened people would demand a compensation, but this time, THIS TIME, the game is completely bugged, COMPLETELY, nothing is working as it should be, we are in a critical status.

Seriously, focus more resources in the game dev department, because there are too much stuff working wrong, we can tolerate some bugs, but not this ones at the same time.

AI being way passive or way offensive.
AI throwing specials while we are blocking
AI blocking until we dash in, then they just do a SP intercept or a normal one.
Inputs not working properly
Input drops
BGs completely bugged

And now we had AI just recovering way faster than before?

Kabam staff, seriously, we cant tolerate this much problems, MCOC is a nice game and all the bugs are making this unplayable.
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