Rank Up Advice For Each Class

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Looking for some advice on who I should rank up from each class.

Skill: Moleman, Daredevil HK (Awakened), Valkyrie, Shang Chi

Mutant: Havok or Rogue

Science: Mister Negative, Void (Unawakened), Red Guardian, Ant Man, She Hulk

Tech: Stark Tech Spidey, Peni Parker, Warlock, Hulkbuster

Cosmic: Hercules, Silver Surfer, Annihilus, Gamora (Awakened), Ikaris, Medusa, Nova

Mystic: Mangog, Guillotine (Awakened), Ebony Maw, Mephisto

Current Content I'm going through (may help with the decision for these rank ups): Battlegrounds, Thronebreaker EQ and Act 7.1

If anyone has some advice on who to rank up from each of the classes and champions I have listed, please comment as it will help me make a decision later down the line.
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    BanannaPandaBanannaPanda Posts: 105
    Lots of people will say Herc and for good reason. I personally enjoy Valk and Negative playstyle and find them useful in battlegrounds and certain later content. Warlock is great utility and good damage so I would recommend
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    Wolf911Wolf911 Posts: 168
    herc, shang, valk, warlock, mr neg
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