Just 3 uncollected friends looking for an alliance.

Line and game chat name: L’Carpetron.
Send me a message on either. Thanks!


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    pplbryanpplbryan Posts: 37
    Can’t find ya bud
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    RobjobcbkRobjobcbk Posts: 32
    Friend request me. Ign: robjobcbk
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    Cjtwich16Cjtwich16 Posts: 32
    Added you Rob
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    MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,377 ★★★★
    What are you looking for in particular? We’ve had some activity issues recently and are trying to find good replacements. Currently map 4 twice a week, map 3 for the rest. We want to work towards a full week of map 4 and all 3 group clears. Weekly SA, 3 group wars (aiming for tier 7, but the activity issues are letting us down which is why we need replacements). Our current donation requirements are 27k gold, 1.5k loyalty. My in game name and Line ID are both MegaSkater67 if you’re interested
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    We just had 3 spots come up add me if your keen: (Shaolin Aus) is my Gamertag we run map 4 mainly try and hit map 5 when we can I can give more information once u add me
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    Hey man we have a spot open for 3 ppl. I could not find you. So hit me up on line or in game. nvrcmecomin1
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    MPC1974MPC1974 Posts: 89
    Hit me up on Line: MPC1974

    7.5M Alliance. We bounce between Advanced and Elite in AQ. When in Advanced, we run four Map 5s. When in Elite, we run Map 2 to harvest potions and save up to run Map 5 the following week. We expect our folks to play several times a day and communicate via Line. Most of us are parents, but we've got a couple of high school seniors and a grandad.

    Rule #1 is: This is a game. It's supposed to be fun.
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    1Durr1Durr Posts: 36
    Added you in game.
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    Hey u will fit right in. We are a 7mil alliance. Run map 5 and line required. We are also very organized.
    Line id. Knockout915
    IGN. Xxx2naxxx
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    Added you in game. Thanks
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    Looking for some new recruits 4M Alliance/AQ maps 3/4 /sa biweekly/line required/ add me for information. Joe Titanium line I.D jms375
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    4.0M Alliance looking for recruits 150,000 hero rating or more. Line app required. 100,000 possible. 3/4 AQ maps & AW line I.d jms375
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    CappyCappy Posts: 132
    6.6M Alliance looking to push further, look me up in game: cappyismyhomie Alliance Tag is AA4, we use GroupMe for Comms
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    Add me nvrcmecomin1
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    BigJake29BigJake29 Posts: 34
    Cant find you.

    8-9m t4-2 alliance here. We could make a very active & skilled alliance for you. Only reason we are not t1 is defender PI & recent turnover. We 98% AW & finish AQ 5 hours early. Placed top 10% in SA & SS to prove it. We have always hit all events (except arena) & occasionally max arena or at least get a cat 1 out of it...

    If this is the type of alliance you want message.

    Ign: Big Jake29
    Line: bigjake29
    FB Messenger: smith.jacob.7
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    NikoviNikovi Posts: 113
    9.8 million alliance, AQ 5x5 100%, AW Tier 2. Add me one Line "Nikovi".
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    Add me on line shazb76 to chat if you are still looking
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    KingCrooksKingCrooks Posts: 176

    Line ID: Crooks9109
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