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Need new alliance 5x5

Hi all
Looking for a 5x5 alliance that gets it done. I’m a very active player and would love to be apart of a fun, good alliance that gets good rewards. I am map 5 compatant and have no worries making it to the end of day 5.
Line id same as username.6vxi5aqrbppm.png


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    Do you have line?
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    PazinatorPazinator Posts: 69
    Same as username
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    Ok. I'll add you
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    This guy was in our alliance and left us without any warning or notification. Not trying to talk bad about him. Just putting the truth out there.
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    PazinatorPazinator Posts: 69
    Mate the leader just up and jumped ship, that didn’t enstill me with much confidence with the future of the alliance. So before you bad mouth my integrity make sure you say the whole story there champ.
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    Oh I did. Atleast he had the respect in letting the alliance know. In which you did not. Yeah the leader did stepped down and pass the torch to someone else that has been in the alliance longer than he did, then went some where else. In which he wanted to join a bigger alliance and test the waters with them. So yeah this guy right here(pazinator) just left us without any warning of him leaving.
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    MasuzaraMasuzara Posts: 20
    Pax, my line ID is masuzara.

    We are [MS911] Marvel Supremacy.

    If you are still looking send me a line invite or add me in CoC. Masuzara
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    nvrcmecomin1nvrcmecomin1 Posts: 160
    edited November 2017
    But I will say this about paz he is a good player and can hold his own weight. Like I said I'm not trying to bad mouth him or talk bad. Just stating what he did.
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