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...And Justice For All

Mknight123Mknight123 Posts: 275 ★★★
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I wanted to talk about the overall bugs, input issues and any other problems with the game we so dearly love.

Let's start with my problems I've experienced with this game that kabam aren't seeming to give us updates on.
I have been experiencing some really stupid input issues this month ever since the february update released, it's not just this month I've experienced these parry, dex and even heavy attacking but this month it seems to have gotten way worse than previous months, I have a few examples but not videoed or screen shotted. I was fighting thing on my usual war path 2 a couple of weeks back (can't remember if it was on or off season) i had went for a light ending combo and my nick fury stood there and thing recovered too quickly and i took a combo to the face, another example was when I was using galan in war agaisnt a iron man IW and I held the screen to heavy attack and galan stood there and took a combo to the face, I could go on and on about my personal input issues experiences but it's worthless as kabam can't give us any updates to the progress they've made looking into these issues, I believe the last thing we got was kabam jax saying "These input issues are under a microscope" correct me if I'm wrong but I haven't seen a single thing to say anything about the input issues mentioned by kabam since.

Now onto bugs... i havent had many bugs occur on my mcoc apart from some BG bugs where it will either auto pick my champs (haven't had this in a while so don't know if it's been fixed) or It will disconnect me mid fight (or sometimes when I have k.oed the defender) i will reconnect and have to fight the defender again with 5 seconds or less to k.o them and then will obviously lose, there was another one where the opponents champs didn't have nodes on them but I believe this has been fixed.

The whole point of this post was just to ask if kabam are ever going to acknowledge us and communicate with us regarding these bugs and input issues because most of us mcoc players have been putting up with these issues but yet we still don't get any updates on these issues! Nothing to say about where they currently are on fixing issues, what issues are there that aren't priority and what issues that are!
Thanks for reading people and please link any threads where kabam have updated us on input issues or anything else as I said I may just be frantically ranting! I would also love to hear what people have to say about where the state of the game currently is!
P.s if anyone understood the title reference your pretty cool 😎


  • Mknight123Mknight123 Posts: 275 ★★★

    Love it dude! 😎
  • Mknight123Mknight123 Posts: 275 ★★★
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    Small update: I really thought kabam had fixed the auto pick bug in battlegrounds , turns out they haven't, I started the match with howard the duck on my team... also It wouldnt let me dex even though I was swiping back as much as I possibly could and Mr negative just stood there like a lemon which also caused me to lose the match. KABAM FIX YOUR INPUT CONTROLS
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