Parry and block issues

Kavya30Kavya30 Posts: 213 ★★★
Is anyone facing parry and block issues, particularly in AQ and AW? my iPhone 14 is fully updated and wasn’t facing this until today.


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    7h3wh173r488177h3wh173r48817 Posts: 20
    Same here. In war on path 2 section 2 I got smacked by mojo (using s99) 3 times cause my parry didn't work, and twice by domino (using nimrod), I didn't die but I 100% parried on all 5 occasions but my champs didn't even block.
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    Darth_StewieDarth_Stewie Posts: 390 ★★★
    Just when I thought things were gonna get better with the update....it got worse....WAAAYYY worse.

    I was able to parry but then I couldn't dex. Now I can't do either.

    WOW. Just, WOW. I can't get over this...
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    Fred1Fred1 Posts: 37
    Many issue since last month update, many detailed report done. The game is unplayable: parry , dexterity, too fast AI, character moving without input. Really hard to enjoy the game now. Really hope a fix will be available soon
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    tron2050tron2050 Posts: 41
    I was holding the block on recharge node but, when the defender dashed back, the attacker literally jumped forward and started running toward the defender.
    This is absolute non-sense.
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    tron2050tron2050 Posts: 41
    And the defender dashing in with even more speed (almost 1.5x to 2x) compared to last update.
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    FuriousImpalerFuriousImpaler Posts: 50
    Parry and Block in AQ and AW have been broken for years. IMHO they let it be broken because it makes player use more units to buy AQ AW heals and revives. They have done and said nothing about the issues.

    Hold to throw a heavy and your character dashes back. Hold to throw heavy and your character dashes forward. Dash backward and your character dashes forward. Hold to parry and your character charges forward and starts attacking even though you're holding to parry!
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    Just_Frank2022Just_Frank2022 Posts: 139
    Sad to see this is what's to be expected now with any update. The inputs are so bad I keep thinking that the autofight button has been pressed, I mean I seriously feel like I have 0 control of what my attacker is doing, like stated above holding block and instead dashing forward/backward, trying to parry and they just stand there doing nothing. I don't want to quit this game because of the time and money I've invested into it but it's borderline unplayable right now. Why can't we get some kind of acknowledgement on what they are doing to address this? Yes it's been bad for years I agree but the last 3-4 updates are crazy bad!! I've even updated my phone but it do anything to alleviate the input issues. We definitely need compensation when this gets fixed!!!
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