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Need help deciding who to rank

Hello all,

I'm still pretty new to the game as far as knowing the best champions but I think I have a pretty good collection so far. I could use some help on my next move as far as who to rank. It takes me quite some time to save the consumables necessary to rank champions to 4 and 5 so I need the maximum benefit when I do finally decide to pull the trigger (maybe you guys have tips on collecting more catalysts). So let's get to it. Out of the following champions, who should be ranked up next or who should I be focusing more on? Some champions I haven't even worked on ranking. Hoping to pick up some insight here. These are all 4-star champs EXCEPT for Magik, she's my only 5*.

Magik - 2/5 not awakened
Doc Oc - 4/5 awakened
Pheonix - 4/5 not awakened
Gwenpool - 4/5 not awakened
Old Man Logan - 4/5 not awakened
Vision (ultron) - 3/5 awakened
Yondu - 3/5 not awakened
Storm - 3/5 not awakened
Electro - 3/5 not awakened
Deadpool X-force - 2/5 not awakened
Gamora - 2/5 not awakened (pretty sure shes garbage)
Quake - 1/5 not awakened (just got her)
Nightcrawler - 1/5 not awakened
Elektra - 1/5 not awakened
Kamala Khan - 1/5 not awakened
Daredevil netflix - 1/5 not awakened


  • adqqedfyvradqqedfyvr Posts: 463
    Gwenpool! Yondu if you like him. Maybe majik
  • mum_m2mum_m2 Posts: 1,776 ★★★★
    It's better if you go by class because you never know what you're going to get from crystals or whatever.

    Magik is your first priority only because she's a 5* power control champ.

    But for everyone else
    Skill - Gwenpool(this one is easy)
    Tech - I would continue the path with Doc OC, but I find Vision to be more useful.
    Cosmic - You don't have any cosmic worth 5/50. So best save these for when you do. Don't rank up Phoenix there's better ones out there.
    Science - either electro or quake if you have extra resources. Science is pretty much useless as mystics counter mystics better than science.
    Mutant - for defensive purposes only, Nightcrawler. He is a surprisingly good attacker also, but it's inconsistent. Don't take him to rank 5
    Mystic - Magik goes the distance.
  • JeepettiJeepetti Posts: 79
    Appreciate the responses. Magik is certainly top priority but it just takes me forever to get the consumables required to rank her. I definitely plan on taking her the distance. I've been conflicted between Doc Oc and Vision. They're both great but Vision's power burn can be extremely helpful. My main goal is to build a better questing team
  • imnooneimnoone Posts: 316 ★★
    Magik - 2/5 not awakened - 1st priority .. she is a beast and with all the new power gain champs coming out, she will be your best bet to clear out end game content
    Gwenpool - 4/5 not awakened - I am working on it myself

    2nd lot (depending on what you need .. offence or defense and how you wanna help your alliance.. All of these are good options)
    Nightcrawler - 1/5 not awakened -- that EVADE though
    Yondu - 3/5 not awakened - that BLEED though
    Storm - 3/5 not awakened - that over 10k crit sp2 damage though
    Vision (ultron) - 3/5 awakened - that double immunity though ... great option for AQ offence
    Elektra - 1/5 not awakened - She is just a beast with high damage output and that ability accuracy though lol
    Daredevil netflix - 1/5 not awakened - only if you dupe him .... that 100% projectile EVADE and BLOCK proficiency though
  • JeepettiJeepetti Posts: 79
    I'm more of an offensive player so I like to hit heavy if I can. I'm starting to think I may try to rank my storm to replace my OML. I thought old man would have been an excellent member of my team but as I continue to play I find myself using him less and less. I need someone with more power. Yondu is a powerhouse with the bleed and armor break he causes. Vision, well, between his immunity and the power burn he makes it easier to fight stronger opponents who may gain too much power. Gwenpool was always one of my favs from the beginning because of her massive bleed so she'll always be on top.
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