I can t play battleground

Maybe i found a new bug, I was having a fight in bg and I had won it, everything seemed normal until in the general screen I noticed that my points hadn't increased, and moreover the game hadn't even been counted in the objectives or in the history, but strangely the elder marks there was consumed normally.
If it had ended up here I wouldn't have made a fuss about it, but after this clash it doesn't let me play anymore with the marks or with the energy, giving an error with no possibility of going up or making other points.
Im sorry if I made any mistake, english is not my mother tongue.


  • Age_of_Luca2000Age_of_Luca2000 Posts: 20

  • Age_of_Luca2000Age_of_Luca2000 Posts: 20

  • Age_of_Luca2000Age_of_Luca2000 Posts: 20
    As you can se in the photo is almost an hour that I can t play in bg. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit
  • Age_of_Luca2000Age_of_Luca2000 Posts: 20
    The error persist, even after logging out and back in the game.
    I sent an email to the support hoping it can be fixed somehow.
  • Age_of_Luca2000Age_of_Luca2000 Posts: 20

    Again the same issues, I can t do any points in bg, what is going on in my account? @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Porthos
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    I have the same problem

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    I asked other people if they had a similar problem, and 2 others came up with the same dynamics.
    Then support didn't even answered to me last week... let's see if it's different this time.
  • Age_of_Luca2000Age_of_Luca2000 Posts: 20
    Luckily they fixed it, support found the bug in my account as starting the opponent search got stuck after the opponent left the duel.
    It took some time, but it went well this time.
  • FraustusFraustus Posts: 3
    Exact same error. Clicked to accept match. Error popped up and took my energy… I couldn’t even enter the match. Tried to restart and had the same error. Forced closed the game to have it restart with me losing the match via forfeit. So, I lost both energy and progress because of the loss.
    If the game mode doesn’t work, then don’t charge to play it.
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