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How good is Iceman?

Recently pulled a 4* version but I don't know how good he is. In fights, his coldsnap is pretty effective and useful but I need some advice on how to use him Thanks.


  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 693
    L2 can hit for big damage, L1 and crits put frost charges on which do hug damage if you land a heavy before they expire. be sure to keep coldsnap up on Spides so they don't evade by spamming L1. Use coldsnap to get NC convereted to swashbucking right away. Keep your ice armor up (i.e. don't get hit) when opponent gets near L3, you only take 5% damage. He's the bomb
  • colbyscipio987colbyscipio987 Posts: 1,027 ★★
    i hate when people ask dumb questions.......
  • UnsaferBinkie7UnsaferBinkie7 Posts: 658 ★★
    i hate when people ask dumb questions.......

  • CrusherCrusher Posts: 305
    Very good...
  • Maza fake
  • SomeoneElseSomeoneElse Posts: 424 ★★★
    He is mainly useful for his utility. He cancel evades. He is immune to bleed, poison and incinerate. If his ice armor is up, you take less damage and can eat one stun.

    You can read all this in his bio. I think it helps to practice with him to see how to use his abilities against a variety of opponents.
  • MRMOJO77MRMOJO77 Posts: 215
    Cant tell if that was a serious question or what... But i will answer.. Iceman is phenomenal. Coldsnap is great to evader; spidey, nc, mordo ect.. Ice armour will help protect against a mess up like hype going l3 will only do 750 damage. Frostbite build up then parry/ heavy hit does alot of damage.
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