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Map 8 Piercing Pursuit Modifier Discussion

GabeZRodGabeZRod Posts: 54
edited March 9 in Suggestions and Requests
Has anyone else felt this modifier is poorly designed compared to the others? All 5 modifiers have some type of punishment and some way to remove the effect of said punishment, but to me, the punishment of Piercing Pursuit differs because the punishment (enemy gains a 10% piercing passive) triggers by simply dashing back, which is one the 5 or 6 fundamental interactions of the game. The other ones are all associated with timers that you can plan around mid-fight, but you can’t really say the same for this one. On path 1 of sections 1 & 2 you can lose almost 10% taking a War Machine sp1 to block if he has 5 piercing passives, and you often lose 1% health for every parry, even when using the Defensive Measures bonus buff. Some fights like Rhino you can’t even intercept to remove them because he’s unstoppable during them. I know section 1 & 3’s path 2 is even more affected because you have to punish the opponent’s heavy attacks, which often requires baiting heavies by taking multiple hits to block in one fight to do so.

To me, it’d make more sense to let the enemy get a piercing passive if the opponent dashes back twice within 1.2 seconds, similar to the Never Back Down node, or at least make it more accessible to remove the piercing passives instead of needing to intercept them. The balance between getting the punishment and getting rid of it just feels way off compared to the other modifiers.
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