Who Should I awaken from my Mystic Roster?

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I made a post earlier about having a Tech AG but I also have a mystic AG that is sitting around. My main mystics in my roster are Absorbing Man (already awakened), Doom and Tigra. Im unsure if anyone else that I havent got in the mystic class really needs this gem so I could potentially use it now and it would be great if you guys could help me decide which is the best option here.

Who Should I awaken from my Mystic Roster? 26 votes

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Save it and Wait for someone else (Would be great if specified in comments.)
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    Both great choices, if you use tigra then I’d chose her since she’ll benefit more from awakening than doom. No point in sitting on the 6* AG they are just going to become more common with 7* champs launching soon
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    Tigra, if you know how to play her. Doom at sig 200 or nothing.
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