iPad 10.5 inch with promotion display

Does anyone have the device and how is it for mcoc is there a noticeable difference in game between 60 refresh rate and the promotion display with 120 hertz refresh rate?


  • arsjumarsjum Posts: 329 ★★★
    I have this device. No different from other iOS devices. I don't believe this game has been optimized for 120 Hertz refresh date.

    There is also the new Razor phone which 120 Hertz refresh rate. Only a handful of games are optimized to take advantage of it. You can check out GSMArena review of the Razor phone.
  • Yeah I saw that made a previous post about that phone a while ago. I’d assume that they’d make the game slightly smoother and help with things like intercepting in game.
  • But thanks anyways
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