Looking for BG focused ally

Any battlegrounds focused ally’s? 1-10%. Can put up anywhere from 200-500k points depending on requirements.


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    SoftCakeSoftCake Posts: 63
    We are strongly focused on Battlegrounds, optional map5 and optional aw.
    Scored 9.5million last season.
    We ask our members to get 350k for the alli event..

    We have an optional line chat..
    My line ID is gorgonzolachs
    Our leader is available on line app as well, arpsdeadpool.

    If you like to have a look at our alli, it's called Battle Socks [VCTRZ]
    My ign is Soft Cake.


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    Wolfman80Wolfman80 Posts: 29
    @SoftCake do you have any spaces left?
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    SmasherM86SmasherM86 Posts: 69
    I can put 100K only, Anyone interested ?
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    Prismane1269Prismane1269 Posts: 217
    The ally where I’m currently staying, is also bg focused. Generally we hit 10M+ but last season we hit nearly 9M.
    Also AQ 555 mandatory.
    Ally tag- WAXON
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