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Looking for a new home next season

Hi all!

I will be looking for a new ally to join after this season ends/the rewards are in.
Preferably looking to join a war focussed ally (p4/pushing p3).
I am not super fussed about AQ, would prefer if it was a map 5x5 AQ but also appreciate that there are major changes coming to AQ so I guess I can be a bit lenient on that side.

I'm not super active since I work full time, but I am active when I need to be!
UK based so preferably a UK ally preferred as well just so the there's no waiting around for different time zones etc.

Profile is as below with a good variety of 6*'s at r3/r4:
No. of R3's - 54
No. of R4's - 9


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    yash98yash98 Posts: 68
    Please contact me on my Line ID - yash.n98 if you are recruiting
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    DoomactusDoomactus Posts: 53
    Bro can you use discord? If yes then you can ping me at Boba Tea#1020. We're a G3 ally rank 205😭😭
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    yash98yash98 Posts: 68
    I have found a new ally now not looking anymore, thanks to all that contacted me
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