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How about considering a Tier-based Summoner Monthly Sigil?

As a casual player at Paragon, the current Summoner Sigil, there are items in the monthly $10 that don't benefit me at all:
- XP Boost
- Gain energy faster
- I don't need the Title
- 4* Scarlet Witch

How about having a tier-based Summoner Monthly Sigil? Something like this:

No rank requirement
(All the current offers in the $10 minus)
4* Scarlet Witch
Excusive solo event
Increased inventory

No rank.requirement

At least Uncollected
(All the current offers in the $10 plus)
+25% increased inventory
+25% extra gold
Unlocks special ISO event (Tier 6 ISO)

At least Cavalier
(Same as $15 offer plus)
Unlocks a 5* Scarlett Witch Sigil
+25% more increased inventory
+25% more gold
Unlocks additional ISO event (Tier 5 ISO)
Access to special (Cavalier-Sigil) event

At least Thronebreaker
(same as $20 offer plus)
Unlocks a 6* Scarlet Witch Sigil
+25% more inventory
+25% more gold
Unlocks additional ISO event (Tier 6 ISO)
Unlocks special Catalyst fragments event (basic and class) (Tier 5 basic, Tier 2 Alpha, Tier 5 Class)
Access to special (Thronebreakerr-Sigil) event

At least Paragon
(Same as $25 offer plus)
Unlocks a 6* Class Based Awakening Gem (collected only once after obtaining "x" amount of SIGIL points
Unlocks special catalyst fragments (basic and class) (Tier 6 basic, Tier 3 Alpha, Tier 6 Class)
Access to special (Paragon-Sigil) event

I hope that Kabam will consider enhancing their Sigil offers at some point in the near future.

Have a good day.


  • SammyDeSammyDe Posts: 374 ★★
    Wow, 30 bucks a month? That’s a bit steep… I mean a tiered system will entice me to take the plunge but not 30 big ones. That’s like 12 Mythic Nexuses!
  • ValrozValroz Posts: 80

    This is just an invitation for whales at this point. We don't need MCOC to be even more p2w

    Or a fair offer for those who are casual spenders who don’t see the value of the current sigil?

  • StarSmasher2001StarSmasher2001 Posts: 113
    TB offer would actually make me physically angry. For $25 a month I would want r4 materials to help toward Paragon, not T5 Basic and T2 Alpha.
  • ApkillypsApkillyps Posts: 36
    Good idea but the price shouldn't go up
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