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In general , who's a better defender , Gorr or Sersi ?

In general , who's a better defender , Gorr or Sersi ? 26 votes

46% 12 votes
53% 14 votes


  • Gildarts99Gildarts99 Posts: 336 ★★
    mmm. I will say gorr. just that, that glancing sersi gets sometimes is just so annoying for me. however, if you have spider sup, gorr is relatively easy to take down as well.
  • AssumedNameAssumedName Posts: 580 ★★★
    I don’t think either are super amazing. Both aren’t super difficult to play around, both get messed up by pretty much every mystic and even other champs in other classes. They’re both pretty fragile in terms of health aswell, gorr especially. I guess in general gorr worries me a bit more but meh.
  • daveyj_196_daveyj_196_ Posts: 437
    Whenever I see either of these champs on defence I think of how quickly Rintrah will completely demolish them.
  • CHuck_fINACHuck_fINA Posts: 141
    I see Gorr give people more trouble than Sersi. If an alli doesn't know a counter, he can be an absolute roadblock on the safeguard node. One of our BGs got 16 DKs by placing him there.
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