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Absorbing man

Logan00Logan00 Posts: 498 ★★★
I have recently pulled him and have seen that the way to play is light intercept to apply vulnerability and then counter heavy with a heavy and then stop move with a special attack in the form you are. Tried this several times against WS but most of the time vulnerability was not applied?? Any other better way to play him? Anyone has experience the same issue?


  • legalactionlegalaction Posts: 182 ★★

    You want to do two things: refine your form and build morph charges. You refine the form by refreshing it with a special attack (sp1-uru sp-2 magma). You get morph charges by refining the form with time left on the timer and from armor breaks. You can pause the form timer by triggering one of your immunities or by light intercepting. You also pause when buffs on opponents end. You also get morph charges from triggering armor break immunity. Once you have morph charges built up you can cash them in for big vulnerabilities and healing.

    So all this comes together without much effort if you do fights that trigger your immunity (particularly armor break). Fight Aarkus, Terrax or Annihilus. Also nodes that trigger incinerate cold snap, bleed , shock or poison if you use iBomb synergy ( you should). With these things pausing your form you’ll refine and never need to do a light intercept but you can.

    Lastly, the heavy (without stun) into special has a great payoff but it’s not necessary. Just if you can weave it in. But there is a lesser bonus if they are stunned so if you need to parry, and then heavy into a special there is still a bonus .

    So in conclusion the light intercept is just there to bail you out if you need it to pause the timer and the heavy cancel into a special is nice but not necessary. Focus on refining and using AM in the right match ups and you won’t be disappointed.

    Awesome breakdown, this has helped me understand AM better
  • SIlverProfessorSIlverProfessor Posts: 435 ★★
    I used a generic AG on my 6* and took hims to sig 120 and r3. I'm flirting with taking him to r4.
  • OrtounOrtoun Posts: 265 ★★★
    For longer fights, if you can build to a sp3, you get a refined form and an indefinite cruelty or two. Can potentially be worth it to get some bigger crits going for later on.
    you don't necessarily need light intercepts, just bait the opponent's heavy attack and interrupt with your light attack.
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