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Wanted to start a new thread to share some rework ideas for some the champs most in need of a change. Wanted to keep it all under one thread since I know people would prefer not to have these spammed. Hope people enjoy the ideas, even if it’s unlikely most of these would champs won’t get these kinds of changes.


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    Wanted to start with Thanos, one of the most iconic big bads in the game. My balance for this rework is taking into account that he is a trophy champ still and making him too strong, especially in competitive modes, wouldn’t be great design. The main goal of my rework is too add a little more utility to him in competitive modes but mainly to focus on making him very strong and fun for questing.

    The main focus being that we feel like we are becoming one of the most powerful beings in the contest the same way thanos does, collecting the infinity stones. He starts out fairly basic and not particularly powerful (making him not so useful for BG’s) but makes the buildup and eventual strength in a quest extremely satisfying. Giving him the pre-fight allows some utility in BG’s to make up for this slightly. The idea is to build his design around the infinity stones, slowly building yourself up to the point in which you have all the stones and become extremely powerful. It also allows for incorporating many of the strengths of the cosmic class into his kit in a way that is fair but powerful.

    All stats based on a 6* R5
    New Sig Ability: Devotion to Death
    (sig 1-200)
    Death rewards Thanos for his devotion to killing, granting increased stats based on which classes of champions he has slain:
    Science: All incoming debuffs have 10-20% reduced duration.
    Mystic: The next enemy nullify, stagger and fateseal ability will fail. Cool-down of 10 seconds.
    Cosmic: Whenever Thanos would receive 2 or more armour breaks at once, he receives 1 less.
    Tech: Become immune to the damage of power burn effects.
    Mutant: Thanos now has 35-70% degeneration resistance.
    Skill: Whenever the opponents debuffs are cleansed or shrugged off, they take a burst of 535-1070 damage.

    Thanos now gains a precision buff when using specials, increasing critical rating by 734-1001 per bar of power used for 6 seconds. Duration is increased by 1 for each class Thanos has defeated.

    The Mad Titan:
    The titans tough bodies endure more than many other beings, resisting bleed damage by 90% and resisting poison damage by 30%.

    The Infinity Gauntlet:
    Thanos seeks out the stones to destroy life and appease death. As Thanos completes certain actions within a fight, he obtains a stone that grants an instant bonus effect upon completion and a passive effect. Whenever Thanos obtains a stone, he possesses it permanently for the remainder of the quest.

    Pre-Fight: Thanos has 1 charge that he can use to choose which stone he will start with immediately. It’s activation effect will trigger at the start of the fight.

    Time Stone: Complete by applying heal block on the opponent for a total amount of 25 seconds. Each second that heal block prevents any healing occurring reduces this count by 2 seconds.
    Activated: when complete, Thanos gains a regeneration buff, healing 6554HP over 12 seconds.
    Passive: Whenever Thanos activates a special, he gains a regeneration buff that heals for 1% of max HP per second. Duration is 3 seconds per bar of power used.

    Power Stone: Compete by having you and the opponent fill a bar of power 14 times in a fight.
    Activated: Instantly gain a bar of power.
    Passive: Thanos now passively gains 3% of max power each second.

    Reality Stone: Use a 5 hit medium ending combo, a 5 hit light ending combo and a heavy attack, each 3 times.
    Activated: Gain a fury buff increasing attack rating by 3137 for 12 seconds.
    Passive: Special attacks now apply a degeneration debuff per bar of power used, each dealing 75% of Thanos’s current attack as damage over 6 seconds.

    Space Stone: Trigger the dexterity mastery or an opponents evade 9 times.
    Activated: Gain a Critical damage rating buff of 1126 for 12 seconds.
    Passive: Triggering dexterity now also increases your critical damage rating by 281 for the next hit, stacking up to 6 times.

    Soul Stone: Use each special once in a fight.
    Activated: Gain an unstoppable buff for 12 seconds.
    Passive: Every 5 hits in your combo grants a Fury buff increasing attack rating by 420 for 12 seconds. If you lose your combo, all furies gained from this lose 6 seconds of their current duration.

    Mind Stone: receive blocked hits or attack into block 16 times.
    Activated: Gain an armour up buff increasing armour rating by 2218 for 12 seconds.
    Passive: Block proficiency is now increased by 958 and block penetration is increased by 958. Special attacks are now unblock-able.

    Special 1: Applies a Heal block debuff for 7 seconds. Heavy attacks extend the duration by 1 second per active infinity stone.

    When all stones are active, applies an incinerate debuff dealing 4196 damage over 7 seconds. This debuff also has its duration extended by heavy attacks.

    Special 2: Applies an armour break debuff reducing the opponents armour by 807 for 14 seconds. Applies an additional armour break for each active stone.

    When all stones are active, this also applies a passive armour break on the opponent permanently, reducing their armour by 403. This stacks up to 6 times.

    Special 3: Grants an aptitude buff for 60 seconds, increasing the potency of further fury, armour up and precision buffs by 25%.

    After the special ends, gain the following buffs based on how many stones are active:
    2 stones: Gain a Fury buff increasing attack rating by 2098 for 15 seconds.
    4 stones: Gain an armour up buff increasing armour rating by 1109 for 15 seconds.
    6 stones: Gain a precision buff increasing critical rating by 1049 for 15 seconds.

    In the process of coming up with synergy changes still, will post below when complete. Hopefully these changes aren’t too wordy, wanted to put lots of detail into thanos. Will try to have some more simplified reworks for some future champ reworks. Any feedback would be welcome, really enjoy game design and would love to improve.
    (Especially the numbers, I low balled the numbers on the buffs a bit so I’d love to hear of the numbers need much of a tune up)
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