16k 2.5mil LF Plat 4/Map 6/ BG alliance

Info - 16k prestige, 2.5mil hero rating, IGN:Ehizoj, Comms:Line/Discord


BG Milestones - I’m fairly invested in battlegrounds as I put up 400k last season. Would like an alliance who at least hits all milestones.

AW Plat 4/ Higher- I have experience taking path 4,5 and 6 in AW including path and mini bosses. Also open to taking any path.

AQ Map 6 - Looking specifically for a map 6 alliance as that’s the highest f2p map.


  • EhizojEhizoj Posts: 37
  • We are Greek alliance. We play Aq map6 and aw Plat 4/3. In previous season we finished Gold1 due to bad lack.

    If you interested hit me on line. My Lineid is 1453elkon
  • Junos_79Junos_79 Posts: 222
    Line ID is Junos79. Let’s talk over there.
  • Junos_79Junos_79 Posts: 222
    We run map 6, 150k minimum in battlegrounds and good war winning streak on tier 5.
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