What is the benefit of this section if Kabam doesn't listen?

How many times we reported problems and Kabam ignored them? A simple example is the auto play which keeps activating randomly. The problem is serious and happens all the time and all around. Its distracting players and annoy them in tough mission. No word from Kabam and no fix!

I have several top players in our ally that left the game because of bugs. Kabam need to listen to our voices and learn that VOC (voice of customer) is the main pillar of any business. Every update the game makes bring the game to a worse shape! Full of bugs and lags.


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    The benefit is of course to kabam. That's why these forums exist. They can monitor the frustration levels in the forums and when they see them getting out of hand they will fix an issue or two to quiet the herd down...just read the first two pages of the forums subject for each thread. Nothing but issu s and complaints. Not one positive thing said.
  • Hey there-

    Looking at that previous thread it looks like a two different issues came up. One being champions moving by themselves which isn't the same as auto fight turning on by itself. If you can provide us a video of the Auto Fight button activating by itself in the middle of a fight it'd be super beneficial to having this looked into.

    I apologize that you felt as though we were ignoring the issue, but that is not at all the case. We do our best to respond to every thread out there, but at times don't have the chance. This doesn't mean we aren't reading them or looking into them. These forums are mostly for players to interact with one another about matters, not direct one on ones with the teams.
  • Prime example I asked about a 5* Karnak signature ability being broken it’s under 1%. And tech support referred me to a forum 6 months ago…where they said they’re are working on it,6 whole months…
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