Looking for gold+ alliance

Currently looking for a chill gold+ alliance, I focus on AW, AQ and BG and usually hit a score of 200k+ (last season, 328k).
My prestige is 10,455 and I have a total hero base rating of 979k.

I can use both discord and line for communication so whichever works best for the alliance is what I will use.


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    benthetruthb_23benthetruthb_23 Posts: 14
    Hit me up on line: benthetruthb
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    BadahBadah Posts: 253 ★★
    Contact me in-game the name is also badah. We are a minimal communication, stress free ally, Gold 3, AQ map 5. We use discord
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    JtanadiJtanadi Posts: 20
    G2 and doing 655x5 AQ.
    We are using LINE.
    Add me there; johantanadi
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    Reza_181Reza_181 Posts: 15
    Running 2 bg war gold and 556 aq hit me up on line Reza181
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    DoomactusDoomactus Posts: 53
    You can message me on discord at Boba Tea#1020. Maybe we have a perfect place for ya buddy😉
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    WayoverWayover Posts: 31
    Are you still looking for an alliance?
    We are a Gold 1, map 6 alliance.
    Line id: 229340
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