90 mil alliance. Map, Plat wars and 100k minimum bgs looking for 1

Contest of weirdos has 1 spot that just opened up and looking to fill asap. We are a US based alliance looking for someone with similar active times.

Currently we run map 8 for 3 weeks and then a week of map 6 to recharge some resources and work on content. Map 8 weeks we are generally placed in the top 150.

War we are competitive but not not war focused. We place in platinum, generally P4 and we are cool with that or anywhere within platinum tiers.

We just started putting a bg minimum in place and are at 100k minimum per member.

We want active players who don't have a problem communicating, at least within their bg. We hate radio silence. And must be able to finish war paths with as little to no deaths as possible.

Must haves
15k minimum prestige
Us time zone

Hit me up LINE & IGN captdeadp00l


  • Captdeadp00lCaptdeadp00l Posts: 175
    UPDATE: we could actually take on a small group as a few players will need to be replaced so if you have a small group and looking to move together, let's talk.

    LINE&IGN captdeadp00l
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