ranking up champions should give me better time not giving me trouble

in season 3 . i had a 21 win streaks with 3 rank 4s in my roster. got to GC in 7 days
in season 4. i had 10 win streaks with 6 rank 4s in my roster. got to GC in 5 days
in season 5. i had 7 win streaks with 9 rank 4s in my roster. got to GC in 8 days
in this season. i won 1 out of 10 with 10 rank 4s and 1 rank 5. stuck in gold 2.
all the pain come because of prestige and stupid matchmaking .
i'm ftp player and i dont have all the new champions at r4 . the prestige thing is just so stupid.
there are people who have 15 20+ rank 4s without a rank 5 because they havn't done eop and because of that their prestige is lower than me. but they are for sure stronger than me. i've never have any problem climbing up in VT before, maybe some lost in diamon but in gold? hell no.


  • GreekhitGreekhit Posts: 2,092 ★★★★★
    Welcome to the big sad Paragon party 🙁
    You should have known that r5ing a champ without a full (or nearly full) r4 deck would bring you higher competition, and probably full r4 decks opponents.
    Enjoy your punishment for progressing like we all do 😂
    Jokes aside, Kabam is killing the game from its core (progression) with this Prestige matchmaking BS 🤮
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