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7 stars

Has there been any word on when 7 stars were coming out? I thought they originally said March but might have misread.


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    CaptainaidenCaptainaiden Posts: 833 ★★★
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    Superstar_1126Superstar_1126 Posts: 417 ★★
    Spring 2023
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    Deamon1337Deamon1337 Posts: 144
    It says spring on the official website
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    FrydayFryday Posts: 790 ★★★★
    What about Ascension?

    Would that ever see the light of day, or was that just some smoke added to prevent the players outrage against the plan introducing or Relic and 7*?

    Would it be Wish Crystals 2.0, or the plan is to let player be able to take 6*s to rank 6, with only catch is it will cost the same resources as take 7* to R6? :D:D:D

    No details, no date, who know, god work in mysterious way...oh wait...no it isn't god, it is a mobile game company 🤣🤣🤣
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