Map 8 alliance looking for small group of 2-4 to join us. 90 mil 15750 prestige

Contest of weirdos is looking for our next group of kabam slapping weirdos. We currently run 3 weeks of map 8 and then a break to map 6 on week 4 to recharge some resources, work on content and bgs.

For AW we are platinum and work to stay there but not looking to push up to any extreme. Just looking for wins with smart play and team work. Officers will plan diversity and path assignments.

We currently require BG participation and are looking for a minimum of 100k from each member.

We are looking for members in US time zones, have LINE and communicate. 15K minimum prestige but will make exceptions based on group size looking to join or rank ups waiting to happen.

If this sounds like a new spot you want to join, let's talk. LINE and IGN captdeadp00l
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