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Changes to Consumable Availability & Introducing The Apothecary

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Hello Summoners!

With the release of our April build, we will be changing the availability of revives and potions in early-game content while simultaneously introducing a new way to earn consumables without having to rely on path RNG.

We understand this may result in frustration but we hope you can see the necessity for these changes and identify the compromise being implemented. 

The following will give you some insight from the game team about why revive/potion access needs to change and what we’re doing to address Summoners’ needs.

Revive Farming

We have been aware of revive farming in the revised Acts 1 to 3 since late 2021. We had an intended fix in November 2021, but didn't want to remove a source of revives without having an alternate means of acquisition. 

Over the last year, we have seen high-progression Summoners farm hundreds of thousands of revives each day in early game content. Whenever we release new end game content, the farming reaches crazy new levels, with numerous days topping half a million revives farmed. Every day there is an average between 100k and 300k revives farmed using this method.

Why Make Changes?

This frenzied revive farming trivializes difficult content like Carina’s Challenges and Eternity of Pain because Summoners simply spam revives. For us to allow what is effectively a loophole for these challenging pieces of content, we would have to dilute rewards given from that content, and that is not something we want to do. 

Without these changes, we risk having to cancel development on upcoming high difficulty content currently in the works. 

Changes to Early Game Content

The biggest change you’ll see is to revive drop rates across Acts 1 to 3 (Prologue). There are a number of factors that led to the current near certain drop rate of revives in 3.2.6. These drop rates have always been higher than intended.

To address this, we have added other early game resources to the Prologue revive spawn nodes. The end result is maps with these nodes will now have a lower drop rate for revives without negatively impacting the experience of early-game accounts, for whom the content is designed. Farming revives will still be possible, but it will be much less efficient from a time and energy perspective.

We are aware that without these farming options Summoners will not have access to sufficient consumables. To address this, we will be introducing a new daily quest, the Apothecary, that will run every weekday and provide, what our team has deemed, a reasonable amount of consumables.

Welcome to the Apothecary

This quest will reset daily and provide a source of consumables, including revives and health potions. 

The intention in implementing The Apothecary is to provide Summoners with a guaranteed baseline number of consumables in exchange for a set amount of energy exchanged. Summoners will no longer need to rely on RNG while spending 42 energy in story content. 

The Apothecary Details


  • Two difficulties: Easy (300 team rating) and Hard (11,500 team rating)
  • Only available from Monday at 12:00 AM until Saturday at 12:00 AM UTC 
  • Each difficulty can be completed/explored for rewards once per day while available
  • No ‘AUTO’ option (can still auto-FIGHT, but not auto-COMPLETE)
  • The easy difficulty has only 2 paths and the hard difficulty has 2 paths
  • Easy difficulty costs 1 energy per node (exploration costs 17 energy), hard mode costs 2 energy per mode (exploration costs 48 energy)
  • Provides guaranteed potions or revives with a chance for more

Daily Rewards

  • Completing easy difficulty grants 1 level 1 healing potion
  • Exploring easy difficulty grants 1 level 2 healing potion
  • Completing hard difficulty grants 1 level 4 healing potion
  • Exploring hard difficulty grants 1 level 1 revive
  • One of the paths of the easy quest also has an empty node containing 1 level 1 alliance quest healing potion, while the other has a 99% chance of containing 1 level 1 healing potion and a 1% chance of containing 1 level 1 revive
  • One of the paths of the hard quest also has an empty node containing 1 level 1 team healing potion, while the other has a 95% chance of containing 1 level 3 healing potion and a 5% chance of containing 1 level 2 revive
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