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Immunity to ability accuracy reduction bug

Attacker: Ultron prime
Defender: Black Widow
Game mode: Monthly EQ, Cavalier Difficulty chapter 3 mission 2
Device: Samsung Galaxy A13
The team i was running with is Galan, Mr.Fantastic, Ultron, Hulkbuster and Odin. The only 1 relevant synergy for attacker is with Hulkbuster ("My beautiful meteor").
The proof of bug is recorded, yet this is not my first attempt at this fight since usually nobody in their right mind just casually records all of their gameplay.
After rework Ultron got a bunch of new abilities, and now according to description his functions got 100% chance of triggering and should be unaffected by ability accuracy modification. Unless if i'm not missing anything and understood everything correctly, his functions should not subject to ability accuracy modifications like from Domino or Black Widow.
Yet this one was able to make function evade fail multiple times in this video, and parry attempt as well. I'm not sure if Ultron abilities are supposed to save his parries from failing, but function evade not triggering is definitely a bug


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    AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 5,260 ★★★★★
    Cries in Archangel

    But yes. Even Falcon can prevent his evade
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