Can someone explain this to me ?

I start a fight (arena or quest, or even AQ or AW) and the little wheel turns... and turns... and keeps turning.
For 1, 2, 3 minutes.
After a while, I exit the game and come back, and then instantly, it loads like a charm. You know, that screen that says crash recovery, and of course, if you're on a quest/AQ/AW, you've lost half your champion's health.

How come one minute, the game won't load, and then just after, it works like my DSL was on vitamins ?


  • I used to get that a lot. If you have an SD or Micro SD in your phone (I only know how this works for my phone) and put the game on it it tends to glitch and crash more in my experience. If you do have it on the SD I would transfer it to the phone memory instead and try that because that fixed mine.
  • SpinoSpino Posts: 241
    Thanks mate.
    The problem is I don't play on a phone but on an iPad, and there is no card involved.

    I'm glad this solved your problem, tho. ;)
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