Doctor Octopus’s Special 3 does not deal damage [Fix in Next Update]

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Recently Doctor octopus’s special 3 has not been doing any damage to the opponent when I fire it off. This has happened in different modes of gameplay including duels and questing. It isn’t working on my 5 star, but I do not have a 4 or 3 star of him to test it on.
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    Hey @IceBobby. Our team has a fix ready for this, and will hopefully be able to apply it to the game within the next update. Thanks!
  • Great to hear. Another thing that happened to me earlier today when I was playing with him in AW against an Iceman who I had backed in the corner was that when I fired off his sp2 after a combo, the first hit whiffed and he was able to block the rest of it and came back and wrecked me, which cost me revives in the war. Considering KABAM is fixing some champions' specials so they can connect, like Ultron's sp2, this could be a fixable problem as well. @Kabam Wolf
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    Did this not get patched as planned? I was just playing AQ and had the SP3 show it killing the opponent and then as soon as the animation was complete his life was back to pre SP3 again.
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    It was not entirely fixed. If you use his SP3 as a KO, the champ returns to life with the same health as before the SP3...haven't had the issue of the champ laying there and the fight continuing for eternity since the update, but still can't end a fight with his SP3.

    Additionally, and I've brought this up to support (who assured me it would be addressed) and in the forum multiple times: he is missing a synergy. The champ spotlight states he has a synergy with Stark and Classic Spidey. He does not have the synergy with Classic Spidey as advertised.
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