**Attention Summoners**
Due to issues surrounding Defensive Tactics, points from the current matchup in Alliance Wars will be removed after the season.
War Rating will not be manually adjusted.*
We are reducing the minimum matchup cutoff from 5 to 4 for this season.
We will continue to monitor the impact of this decision.

Changes to Champion Refresh Timers/Costs in Incursions and Arena - LIVE NOW

Greetings Summoners!

With 7-Star Champions on the horizon (watch our live stream this Friday to find out when they’ll be released. Click here for more info), we wanted to take this opportunity to update the Refresh Timers on Champions in Incursions and Arenas and adjust the Unit Costs to refresh 5 and 6-Star Champions in Arenas.

Incursions Refresh Timers are being updated to:

1-Star: 5 hours
2-Star: 5 hours
3-Star: 5 hours (down from 20 hours)
4-Star: 20 hours (down from 44 hours)
5-Star: 44 hours (down from 92 hours)
6-Star: 92 hours (down from 140 hours)
7-Star: 140 hours (new)

Arena Refresh Timers and Costs are being updated to:

1-Star: 2 hours/5 Units
2-Star: 2 hours/5 Units
3-Star: 2 hours/5 Units
4-Star: 2 hours/5 Units
5-Star: 2 hours (down from 7 hours)/5 Units (down from 10 units)
6-Star: 7 hours (down from 11 hours)/10 Units (down from 20 units)
7-Star: 11 hours (new)/20 Units (new)

UPDATE: These Changes are now Live!
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