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10.4k prestige looking for AQ focused alliance

Current alliance isn't active and doesn't communicate at all, just looking for somewhere active. I do have discord if that's necessary, let me know if there's a space for me in your alliance!


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    Hey we run map5 AQ finish around 275 to 300 mil every week. We're look to replace a few that aren't active.
    Any questions if interested hit me up on line app. Fatdave8300 is my id
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    NinjahippieNinjahippie Posts: 265
    If you're still looking hit me up on line app @ ninjahippie13
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    Cmoon1975Cmoon1975 Posts: 11
    Hit me up if still looking

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    BadahBadah Posts: 263 ★★
    We run AQ map 5, but we also focus on AW. We use discord, but is not mandatory.
    We are stress free.
    Look me up in game, name is badah
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