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6* Tech AG

I'm genuinely not sure what to do with the 6* tech gem I got today-I'm mostly debating between Shuri and Silver Centurion as my best options. I don't have the sig stones for Guardian and I'm terrible at playing Ghost, so I'm not considering either of them. Shuri's buff looks good so far, and it sounds like Silver Centurion benefits quite a bit from awakening. Should I go with one of them or wait for like Nimrod?


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    HoadyOZHoadyOZ Posts: 240
    Wait for a strong robot in my opinion. I believe the primary role of Tech class is to provide your bleed/poison immunity solution, with anything else being a bonus. Nimrod is the best, but Omega Sentinel is very handy as well. I have Guardian unawakened and he is still capable of clearing a lot of Cavalier quest lanes single handed.
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    BadahBadah Posts: 263 ★★
    Hold it until Shuri's buff go live, or until you have a champ that absolutely needs it.
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