Is Elektra parry-immune??

I encountered problems battling against Elektra everywhere (Act 4.4.3, War, Arena...). Every time I parry her, the "parry" green message appears, but she doesn't get stunned. I also checked the nodes if there is a special property that prevents her from stun, but there isn't any (anyway in Arena there aren't node effects so it must be something else). Someone can please explain me if it's a special property of hers or if it's simply a bug?


  • did u hav a debuff on yourself. If yes ,Elektra reduces ability accuracy by 85% if opponent is under a debuff
  • ConnectConnect Posts: 197
    Sorry to be off topic.

    But why is ant man on some occasions immune to parry.
  • simolazsimolaz Posts: 413 ★★
    First of all, thanks a lot.
    Yes, I have Liquid Courage. So does parry count as an ability?
    So I guess I won't encounter the same problem using an hero which is poison immune...
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    If you have any debuff active then elektra has 85% ability reduction on so parry might not trigger
    And yess liquid courage is a debuff
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    Sorry to be off topic.

    But why is ant man on some occasions immune to parry.

    never had a problem with parrying him. But he reduces offensive ability accuracy so champ like bw wont gain buffs after specials and ultron wont be able to convert his bleeds to cauterize.
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    Yondu seems to be parry immune 85% of the time...
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    Parry does stun only when there is physical contact. When yondu hits with arrow tht doesn't count as physical contact.
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