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Looking for an Alliance, Paragon, 13.2k Prestige

JefechutaJefechuta Posts: 865 ★★★★
Im looking for a new alliance, I've been in a chill Alliance for a while to take a rest from the game but Im back at it again

I have a pretty decent Roster, I have something around 65% of the 6* in game, and the ones I dont have are mostly bad ones or the most new ones.

Focus on AW, AQ, and BG


  • Junos_79Junos_79 Posts: 249
    If Inter in chatting, find me on line app at Junos79
  • CHuck_fINACHuck_fINA Posts: 93
    Hey bud. We're gold 1this season. Once we replace a couple more, we'll be well on our way to plat next season.
    We run map 6 with master mods for AQ.
    Typically in top 10% for BGs. Went down to 20% this last season because we were cleaning house.
    In game id is CHuck fINA
    line id is chuck_fina
    Looking forward to hearing from you
  • Papabear9390Papabear9390 Posts: 424
    If you’re still looking, send me a message on line app please. Papabear9390
  • OnlyFTWOnlyFTW Posts: 11
    Hit me in line onlypaok-4-
  • BoonecooneyBoonecooney Posts: 51
    Hello Jefechuta,
    Have you found a new alliance home yet?
  • missyuamissyua Posts: 104
    Not sure what you’re looking for, hit me up on LINE missyua18 (Melissa)
  • BuffalaxBuffalax Posts: 98
    Gold 1 6x5 top 600. Hit me up at Line ID Buffalax
    Wsp, I’m an officer at a gold 2 pushing gold in ally. We are focused on aw/aq/bg, line is optional. If ur interested or have further questions add KINGBLACKSHEEP in game
  • CourtbearCourtbear Posts: 159
    70mil ally LF2 |AQ Map5 (4K glory) | opt 1BG AW (S1) | TB-1.5mil 11k PI min | line used: Courtbear
  • BosamithBosamith Posts: 136
    Bosamith1977 on line! Map6 530million and 3 bg low stress war. Hit me up
  • KeltanKeltan Posts: 367
    We are newly formed alliance by group of TB+ players and we would like you to join us. Reach me on Line keltan79.
  • Dev123Dev123 Posts: 35
    Hmu on line dev6979. We have a group of 30 allies so we will have what you need.
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