94 mil 16k prest Map 8, platinum wars &no BG minimums. Looking for 5

Contest of weirdos are looking for 5 active members who are looking to do map 8 and platinum wars. War we look to be minimum P4, we don't push AW but do encourage planning and limiting deaths and pride ourselves with winning. AQ usually will be 150-250 weekly placement.

Hoping to get a group that runs together, doesn't need tagging and knows how to get the job done. We will of course take individuals as well as long as they are active and communicate withing their bg. Hopefully members are at or above 15k prestige and US based. We communicate, plan and set up diversity with LINE so that is a must.

We've been at the MCOC grind a long time and our members get in and get the job done with no worries so we need guys with a similar mindset. Get in early and move often and don't hold your BG back.

LINE &IGN captdeadp00l


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