Serious Starter Ally | tons of events | 5* and 4* rewards!!!!

Hey, I'm FuBorf (ign) from The Beyonders. We are part of a larger coalition with a big bro alliance and are looking for level 25+ active players who are so serious and want to build their rosters.

About Us:

- We currently run Map2 x 5 a week, and will begin to move towards Map3.

- We run AWs twice when AQ is off.

- SA rewards every week.


- Discord is a must, we have tons of sweet chat bots like a gif puller, you can upload your roster, get champ info, see a schedule of Kabam events and a **** load more. Trust me its worth it.

- Participate in AQ/AW

- Make reasonable efforts throughout the week on other events, basically be active and try to help everyone hit rewards.

- Small donations a month to build the treasury for harder maps. The two allies have been together for months and some players years, we focus on long term goals.

- At the end of the day rl comes first, if **** comes up you won't be kicked for no reason. Officers will always reach out and try to help + our entire server is awesome and is very welcoming.

If you want to join just send me a request on Discord @ Fubarf#4465

Some screenshots of us:


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