Looking for a new alliance to call home

Hoping anyone would be able to help , lookin for a new alliance , I play AQ and AW as well


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    KeltanKeltan Posts: 499 ★★
    You have Line?? Can add me keltan79
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    BadahBadah Posts: 255 ★★
    We are a stress free Gold 3 ally, we use discord, but it’s not mandatory. AQ map 5 or 2, 3200 glory per cycle. AW we only play on-season. Will have a few spots after AQ rewards. Look me up in game, name is badah.
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    7Slevin7Slevin Posts: 11
    We're looking for new members to join our alliance, have a relaxed and chilled atmosphere, members have a lot of experience, mature and polite.

    AQ - We run Map 5 exclusively with Normal or HC mods. Average 2.6k Glory across 2 BG's with an increase to 3 once we have the members to fill it.

    AW - Currently sitting at Silver 1 but looking to push into Gold next season, war is not required in off-season.

    We use line but is not forced, it's more for the social aspect assisting and guiding others if they need help and posting game related info.

    If interested hit me up in game 7Slevin or on line slevin_7
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